This webinar was open to all interested organizations, and it aimed to inform a very broad group of people from civil society, involved to a greater or lesser extent in the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) process at different levels, on the results of COP15 in Montreal last December.  Thanks for joining us.


Recording available at


  • Rights, participation, and the 30x30: Vivienne Solis Rivera (CoopeSoliDar RL)
  • Mainstreaming, offsetting, and the influence of business: Nele Marien (Friends of the Earth International) 
  • Equity, resources, and finance: Lim Li Ching (Third World Network)
  • Techno-fixes: Sabrina Masinjila (African Center for Biodiversity)

Moderated by: Bharath Reddy - CBD Alliance Interim Coordinator

CBDA Post COP 15 Webinar