CBDA interventions - SBI 3 online sessions March, 2021

Interventions prepared and delivered by the CBD Alliance during the online sessions in preparation to SBI 3. (Subsidiary Body on Implementation) 


Agenda item 3. Review of progress in implementation of the Convention and the strategic plan for biodiversity 2011-2020

ECO 58

All ECOs published during COP14, Cartagena MOP9 and Nagoya MOP3

Issue 1:

  • Synthetic Biology
  • Risk assessment/ Risk management
  • Local Biodiversity Outlooks

Issue 2:

SBI 2 - Brief Report for Civil Society

The report does not aim to present an exhaustive analysis of the whole agenda discussed at SBI 2, but rather to point out relevant aspects of key agenda items that relate to the work of civil society and that could help in the advocacy work of the organizations and networks interested in the CBD process.

ECO 55

All ECOs published during SBSTTA 21 and Art. 8j Working Group in Montreal, 11-16 December 2017

ECO 54

All ECOs of the COP 13 in Cancun, December 2016

ECO 50

All ECOs from COP 50, October 2014

ECO 47

All ECOs from WGRI 5 in June 2014.